Ausschreibung ESK SPORTUNION

Call for volunteers in the European Solidarity Corps
Zeitraum: 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2021
Ort: Wien, Österreich
Host organisation: Sportunion

SPORTUNION is an Austrian national sports-for-all umbrella organization with 921.000 members in more than 4.300 sports clubs in Austria. Our mission is to support our members to provide access to and inclusion in sport and health-enhancing activity to members of society. We believe in conveying ethical values and tolerance through sport and cultural activities. Values such as fair play, intercultural understanding, a moral tenor towards an ethical sport, teamwork and personal development through sport are central themes which we address. Our headquarter is located right in the city centre of Vienna. We want to share our experiences in the field of sports especially on national level. We are interested in new ideas which you may bring to our organization. Furthermore, the administrative office of FICEP (Fédération Internationale Catholique d'Education Physique et sportive) is located in the SPORTUNION headquarter.

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